Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm possible

Memories of 2001. Celebrating in Paris with my soul siblings Scott Porter, Scott "Silky" Hayes, and Ms. Mignon "Miggy" Crawford. (I can't recall why we're shirtless in this photo... perhaps we were just feeling all Olympian, sexy, beyond silly bullsh*t, and larger than life). We had just rode (ridden?) our bicycles 500 miles over the course of a cold, rainy week through the European countryside from Amsterdam to the French capital. The four of us, along with several other Atlanta friends, were participants in a massive charity bike ride organized to raise funds for HIV vaccine research, a cause critical to the greater good, happiness, and well being of future generations of our species. This challenging, life-changing, unforgettable experience helped me realize that the paralyzing fallacy we label "the impossible" can be invalidated and rendered powerless by the simple realization that I'm possible.

Cast aside your fears and take that first courageous step toward your greater good (whatever it may be). Inevitably and like magic, the Universe (with its infinite power and intelligence) will instantaneously be at your side to guide you, assist you, and show you the way.

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