Thursday, April 4, 2013

pigeon cay IS public!

Pigeon Cay was declared public in 2006! The money quote:
Municipal officials unanimously agreed to not approve any titles for the following cays: BIG AND SMALL PIGEON CAY, COW & CALF, LIME CAY, as well as any other islands or cays, as these are property of the state.
Background: recently Roatan's East End community became aware that Pigeon Cay was "up for sale." Apparently, some unscrupulous person in cahoots with a corrupt municipal official(s) was claiming "ownership" of this beautiful cay (a cay that has - historically - been a recreation area in the public domain), and trying to sell it! NO WAY, BEYOTCHES! Pigeon Cay belongs to the public and will always be unrestrictedly available to the worldwide human community.

Kudos to my uncle, Harvey McNab, for doing this investigation and finding this document! (Click on the image above to see the full document [in Spanish]).

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