Sunday, October 6, 2013

my childhood hero

Growing up in the significantly isolated, WAY-off-the-beaten-track Roatan of the 1970s, one comic book that was intermittently available was "Kalimán - El Hombre Increíble." While I was in primary school, there was even a daily, after-school, half-hour radio show series that I didn't miss! Kalimán's signature spoken wisdom was, "Serenidad y paciencia, Solín, mucha paciencia..." (Serenity and patience, Solín, MUCH patience...) Kalimán would always say this to Solín (his young sidekick) in his calm, deep, resonant, masculine voice whenever they were in some difficult situation with an apparently tragic outcome. For example, they (and the girl) are all tied up and being slowly lowered into a pit of hungry crocodiles. Invariably, Kalimán would tap into his deep reservoir of wisdom, use his mystical powers and mind control, and execute some amazing sequence of actions that would rescue them from the life-threatening crisis a split second before the crocodiles took their first chomp. The next day at school, during recess, all us kids would ardently discuss the exciting adventures of our superhero the day before. Unfailingly, at least one of us would quote him, deepening our voice and slowing the cadence of our speech, "Serenidad y paciencia, Solín, mucha paciencia..." 

From Wikipedia:
Kalimán is also famous for the wise phrases he uses to teach his child companion Solín. Among these are the following: "There is no force on Earth greater than the human mind; he who masters the mind, masters everything." "Serenity and patience, much patience," and "There is always a way when we use our intelligence." "Fear is a bad advisor;" "Revenge is a poor consolation;" "There are no bad people in the world, but there are good people who let others do bad things." "Who risks not wins not." "Not even a leaf of a tree moves without the will of the Almighty." "The mind's eye sees farther." "Even the longest road starts with a single step." "Man is not born to be the slave of another; I am free and always will be." "Only the coward dies twice." "Freedom is the essence of life." "Love is the most powerful force in the universe." "Who brings peace opens any door." "Do not seek false paths, the truth is within you." "Life ends and begins with a vision of hope."
Kalimán was awesome, man!

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