Wednesday, November 8, 2017

client feedback: "we could have stayed here a week and been happy"

We had a day pass but it took everything we had to get back in the car to head back to the boat. We could have stayed here a week and been happy. This isn't luxury, but it is naturally beautiful. Perfect time for reflection. Soft sand with clear water. Or hike up to one of the private palapas on the cliff side to hear the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. Lunch was perfect, drinks were outstanding. This is the place to escape from everyday stress. Where the mountains meet the sea and the sunshine meets the rain. I didn't take pictures out of respect for other guests and I had no desire to have anything electronic out. Just take everything in this place had to offer. A special thanks to Eric that took such great care of us all day! Give Chestnut a scratch behind the ears for us! One Love
- Dena W on

Learn more about Paya Bay Resort's (limited) day trip / shore excursion / day pass program here.

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