Saturday, November 28, 2009

Micheletti: Chavez will not stop trying to boycott Honduran freedom

TEGUCIGALPA .- President Roberto Micheletti said today that the ruler of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, will not stop in his aim to "boycott" the freedom of Hondurans.

"Don Hugo Chávez is not going to stop, not now, not later, he will continue trying to boycott the right we Hondurans have to be free," said Mr. Micheletti to HRN radio.

Chavez's actions, according to Micheletti, will continue "through (Daniel) Ortega," the president of Nicaragua, whose government has closed the three land borders with Honduras for 48 hours for the elections tomorrow.

Chavez will also attempt to boycott Honduras "through any other leader of South American countries under his aegis," said Micheletti.

"They will continue, and faced with this, I say to Hondurans, let's go vote en masse, let's select a new president, but we must support him because there will be enormous influences trying to boycott the process and boycott precisely the new presidential mandate," he added.

Translated from La Tribuna

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