Wednesday, November 25, 2009

President Micheletti: "Insulza is a vile liar"

TEGUCIGALPA .- President Roberto Micheletti called the secretary general of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza, a "vile liar." 

"Don Jose Miguel Insulza is a liar -- a vile liar! He only serves (Venezuelan President Hugo) Chavez. He has no respect for small countries," Micheletti said Tuesday at a news conference after making an award to Venezuelan lawyer Álvaro Albornoz, who has written opinion columns in favor of the current government.

Micheletti said the OAS secretary offered to make no further opinion on the internal situation in Honduras, and "yet when he came with the committee of foreign ministers, he tried to re-impose Zelaya back in position."

He added that the refusal by the OAS to send observers to the elections on Sunday is against the offers made by Insulza at the meeting.

"He promised they would let the Honduran people construct a document that would take us to the electoral process transparently," he said.

Micheletti said if Insulza intends to renege on his commitments "we have him recorded, absolutely everything, and if he ever asks I'm going to show him what he said and what he offered."

Translated from La Tribuna

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