Thursday, November 5, 2009

quote of the day

I believe that restitution is not possible because that would mean Congress accepts that what occurred on June 28 was a disruption of the constitutional order -- what is commonly called a coup d'etat -- which would require legal action against the very same congressional deputies.

- Óscar García, President of the Honduran Bar Association

Garcia added that "Congress can resolve a reinstatement or not, but any citizen can initiate a legal recourse against the congressional decision in the Department of Justice or the Supreme Court. Ultimately it will be the Supreme Court that has the last word, because if they declare unconstitutional anything resolved by Congress, no matter what the resolution is, it will be annulled. It is therefore important to listen to both the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court because in the end everything will end up there."


The Supreme Court will strongly adhere to the Constitution. There will be no restitution. It's simple: if you break the law (multiple times), and refuse to obey the courts, you don't get to be president. Zelaya is S.O.L.

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