Monday, September 3, 2007

in order to do

the amazing and extraordinary things I'm doing in my Life, I can feel no fear. One has power over everything, including outcomes. If you let it, fear only serves to distract you from your real reality: you are in total, 100% control!

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Unknown said...

Hi,Davi ,I am agreabily surprised by your blog.Four months ago i wrote a 15 page report a "european view,,on demand of mrs Chacon-Bendeck , your Secretary for Tourism at Brussels Ambassy about Roatan hotelry and tourism and now i find a lot of my conclusions and suggestions already realised or starting at Paya! Congratulations with the feeling and the realisation,wish all the success in the future.I arrived preparing my thirth life,1/8/06 in Roatan .spended a full day at Paya(beach,terrace and resto)and develop 12 acres in Jonesville.You are my nearest quality restaurant and authentic beach.I can introduce you to Belgian Resto-schools with lots of top-trained students looking for a challenge.Roatan needs urgently a cooking- and hotelryschool or to send students to Europe, if you want those customers.The naturist-beach was genial for Honduras.Lots of work and extremely benificiary as further nat.resort.Would like to stay in contact and once i'm there show you my extended cooking-library.I'm lobbying for a dirct line Brussels -London -Roatan .Regards Jo.Borremans Adm.Jonesville Estates.SA.