Wednesday, January 30, 2008

so lucky

Lucky takes a refreshing dip at Secret Cove. He loves the water and goes for swims several times a day. Each times he tests the water to see if it's still salty :-)


Doraine said...

Lucky has grown since November.Hug him for me and tell him to give the crabs a rest .We were in Pay Bay in November and the first thing was Lurlene kissed me on the cheek and also my friend.She is an angel in Paya Bay .My paradise.I have been back in the u.s.a for 3 months and I still am dreaming of Paya Bay.We had the funnest time at the beach party we will never forget that magical night.
Snorkling was perfect.Weather was exotic .We heard a song we thought was cute wiggly,jiggly? We cant remember the words we were hoping you would know the singer and the song?Thank you Doraine

Doraine said...

Lucky has grown.How is everyone at Paya Bay?We were lucky enough to stay
with you in November.We had a beach party that we will never forget.You have a beautiful place in paradise. The snorkling was unbelievable. I have been back in the states for 3 months and all I do is dream of Paya Bay.The first thing I met lurlene and she kissed my cheek,I knew at that moment she must be a beautiful angel.Th second was the food. Wonderful.I cant say enough good things.Hug Lucky for me.Tell him to take it easy on the crabs on the shore line.We heard a song when we were at Paya Bay and we cant find it anywhere. Some of the words were wiggly,jiggly? Do I need to say more.Please tell me the name of singer and song?Thank You, Doraine Motzell