Wednesday, October 20, 2010

honduras, nicaragua, and hypocrisy

OAS members signed a special charter nine years ago committing themselves to defend democracy; in Honduras's case, they have been -- to say the least -- hyper-vigilant. But what of neighboring Nicaragua? There, President Daniel Ortega, who, like Mr. Zelaya is a leftist populist, has used blatantly illegal decrees, the manipulation of court rulings and mob violence by his supporters to clear the way for his reelection, even though it is explicitly prohibited by the constitution.

- Washington Post

As an obvious subordinate of Hugo Chavez, OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza is a disgrace to the Organization of American States. It is beyond comprehension that he was reelected to a second term as head of the organization.  If this reptile is the "guardian" of democracy in the Americas, the people of these continents are in big trouble. I am so glad the interim government of Honduras that replaced the rogue Manuel Zelaya administration in June 2009 paid no attention to the "demands" of this beast and -- despite intense international pressure -- simply waited for the scheduled November 2009 elections as a way out of the political crisis. Chavez and his leftist "compinches" (Insulza, the Castros, Correa, Lula, Morales, Fernandez, and Ortega) now have a huge chip on their collective shoulder for Honduras. It irritates the bastards to no end that we are the little country that pushed back hard on their efforts to spread a debunked ideology further into Central America. You lost in Honduras... Suck it up, bitches!

The pendulum is beginning to swing to the right again in Latin America (witness the recent election of Sebastián Piñera in Chile). I predict by the time the pendulum makes its way to the other side none of these leftist schmucks will be standing. This prediction includes the Castros - their time is way past up. Like everyone else in Latin America, the Cuban and Venezuelan people deserve full human rights.

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