Friday, December 3, 2010

nouveau hippie

It's said that at forty you finally figure out who you really are...
Hippie days are here again... And I don't think many of you know but people tend to say I have an old hippie soul [especially my mom]... I think it's mainly my carefree mellow ways and my love for the planet and animals and also my love for all things vintage and bohemian, which crosses over to my sense of style although, it varies from day to day the hippie side of me will never leave.. Which is fantastic because a hippie revival movement has returned. Boho looks of the late '60s- early '70s are appropriate for summer because of the light fabrics, bright colors, funky and fun headbands, granny glasses, lots of piled on jewelry especially if made of silver from Mexico, India or Morocco. Plus I also think the hippie philosophy really hits home since it's about freedom, love, concern about the environment and the state of the world [which is all-year-round for me and hopefully you] but the only difference from the hippie days of the summer of love and of today is that it's much more stylish or 'hippie luxe' as I call them, which I am officially branding it the nouveau hippie.

Now all I need is my ipod so I can go outside and turn it up to the Mommas and the Poppas, some Stevie Nicks, of course some Beatles, and most definitely some Janis Joplin and I'll throw myself a psychedelic garden party!
Perhaps, I've finally figured out who I really am.

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