Wednesday, December 29, 2010

photo series: above the bay islands

The photos that follow are of the beaches and shoreline of island of St. Helene (Santa Helena). St. Helene is separated from Roatan by a wide canal that winds through the mangrove forest between the two islands. These photos are a continuation of the Above the Bay Islands series.

The first beach one sees on the north shore of St. Helene is located in a gorgeous cove.

Rocky outcroppings add drama and beauty to the island's northern shoreline.

Practically the entire north shore of St. Helene is composed of white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Rose Cay can be seen in the background off the south shore of the island.

The Red Cliffs of northeastern St. Helene.

The eastern tip of the island. This area is well known for its beautiful turquoise waters.

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