Saturday, July 2, 2011


Over 10,000 signatures have been collected in San Pedro Sula in four days by activists of the movement behind the presidential candidacy of popular TV presenter Salvador Nasralla.

Rocael Ramos, a member of the Anti-Corruption Movement, explained that tables were place in the 18 departments of the country to have a better control of the people who signed in support to the sports commentator.

In these two weeks they hope to collect the signatures needed to allow the Anti-corruption Movement to become a political party, and Salvador Nasralla its candidate for president of the Republic.
Translated from and photo: El Heraldo

I find this news extraordinary for several reasons:
  1. The brilliance of naming the political effort the "Anti-Corruption Movement." If there is one thing Hondurans are utterly fed up with, it's the grinding corruption that permeates every level of our government. The name in itself garners immediate support in the minds of voters.
  2. Nasralla's appeal is based to a large extent on the fact that he speaks his mind. He's seen as honest, courageous, and not part of the corrupt establishment. Notice in the photo above how the activists are primarily young people. He gives a voice to the aspirations of a new generation of Hondurans.
  3. Mr. Nasralla, as they say in the American South, is a 'confirmed bachelor.' He doesn't deny rumors that he's a friend of Dorothy, something that -- incredibly! -- appears to be a non-issue to a large segment of the Honduran people. Honduras, a conservative and very Catholic country, may soon elect its first openly gay president! Simply astounding. 

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