Wednesday, July 6, 2011

honduras bans commercial shark fishing

Honduras has announced that commercial shark fishing will be banned from its' 92,665 square miles of national waters. the ban follows a moratorium on shark fishing impose some time ago, and the hopes are that it will preserve the marine environment and biodiversity.


Honduran Vice President María Antonieta Guillén de Bogran said that "We have seen that protecting sharks help our environment and our people. When tourists come to Roatan and other destinations, they spend money to see the sharks. But these animals don't just help the Honduran economy. Our coral reefs and marine environment thrive because these apex predators are safe in our waters. Today's declaration will help us all, underwater and on land, for generations to come."
Source: Great News Network

Wow. This is great news! Here's hoping the Honduran government continues taking actions like this one that benefit the environment and wildlife.

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Anonymous said...

I would not have a problem with people harvesting some shark for meat but, I think that most just kill them for sport. Its the same thing for some types of fresh water fish that are considered "Junk" fish. They kill them because its o.k. only later to find out that they had important role in the system.