Saturday, August 20, 2011

is it really this simple?

So, applying logic to some of this metaphysical stuff (something I really enjoy doing)...

We attract what we fear… so, why not make it a habit of fearing nothing? This should effectively eliminate anything we've chosen to label "bad" manifesting in our lives. Instead, let's always be sincerely and genuinely happy and grateful for the opposite of anything that concerns us. There is an amazing peace that results from this simple practice.

It is suggested we deliberately and consciously put our individual (and collective) life experiences in the "hands" of the Universe. (Or "God," or whatever label an individual may have for Higher Intelligence. I personally don't use the word "God" very often because, for me, it's too closely associated with organized religion, something I have a plethora of reservations about). I personally suggest while making requests to the Universe to go ahead and also request an amazing life experience (because... why not?). Then relax and be happy (see next paragraph), knowing (believing) that the Universe is in control and that every single person, event, and circumstance that comes our way is simply our greater good (as suggested by Higher Intelligence) unfolding.

Get into the habit of being present and living in the present moment. By design, the past is 100% irrelevant and the future is 100% uncertain (as Eckhart Tolle puts it, the past and the future "are illusions that exist only in our minds"). The present moment is all we truly have. And, magically, if we are completely present in any given moment it is impossible to be unhappy at that same instant in time (Try it! It's true!). Life is simply a stream of instants (i.e., we have this instant, and this instant, and this instant, and so forth...*). In each of these of these instants, we make a choice: 1 or 0 (yes, turns out we humans are digital too). 1 or 0. 1 or 0. 1 or 0... Half-full or half-empty. Half-full or half-empty. Half-full or half-empty... This finite string of that simple choice is our life experience. Think about that.

It all comes down to what seems to be (at least for me) the metaphysical buzzword of 2011: Surrender. Surrender to the present moment. It's been suggested that doing so may very well be the answer to life.

*Thank you, Paul Gonyea.

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