Friday, August 26, 2011

zen path highlighted

It was recently brought to my attention that Greg Benchwick, author of Lonely Planet's Honduras and the Bay Islands travel guide, highlighted Paya Bay's Zen Path on the author's page (p4) of the 2010 edition of the guide. Greg posed for a photo at the beginning of the path (above, upper right). He wrote:
On the Zen Path as always (after all, even Buddha had a little belly) on a secret trail at Paya Bay (p220) on Roatan. The trail leads to the island's only nude beach. I wore my clothes (tsk, tsk, not very Zenlike), taking the time to go for a quick swim on the pitch-perfect beach with my lovely wife.
The Zen Path was one of the first projects I spearheaded when I returned to Paya Bay four and a half years ago. Prior to being upgraded, it existed as an informal, largely undefined little track I spent countless hours exploring as a kid in the 1970s when my parents started acquiring the lands at Paya Bay. The path winds its way along the edge of a cliff with delightful views of the rocks below, the ocean, the reef, a forest of palms, and ultimately, the sacred beach. The upgrade of the path simply involved widening it and carefully defining it in certain areas using a very low-impact approach in order to keep the rustic innocence that means so much to me. It's very heart touching to see something that is such an intimate part of my personal history being spotlighted on the world stage. There is only one Zen Path! Just like there is only one Paya Bay!

Images: Lonely Planet 

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