Wednesday, April 18, 2012

quote of the day

"I tell him, 'Baby, my cash money!'"
- A Colombian hooker escort tells her side of the story to the New York Times in an interview in Colombia. She and the Secret Service agent argued after he initially offered to pay her about $30 for services rendered. Thirty dollars! Dude, that's what you tip your mechanic for a brake job! Certainly not an adequate amount for a night of hot Colombian monkey love.

I figure one of the following happened: (a) Mr. SS agent awoke and was willing to pay the agreed to amount, but only had $30 left in his wallet from all the night's partying; (b) He was so drunk that he passed out and there was no hot monkey love, therefore he only wanted to pay a "sleep mate" fee; (c) Hot monkey love took place but he was so drunk he can't remember any of it, therefore just a "sleep mate" fee; or (d) He woke not remembering anything about last night, sees the woman in bed next to him (clueless she's a sex worker) and is like, "Oh shit! My wife's gonna kill me!"; and then thinks he can make it all go away by being a gentleman and offering to pay the lady her "please leave now" cab fare.

"Baby, my cash money!" Ayayay! Not a fun way to start a seriously hungover day!

"Baybeeeee... My cash money!"

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