Saturday, April 14, 2012

blog worthy

Special guests relax and take in a spectacular tropical sunset in the post-shavasana afterglow of this afternoon's yoga session at the Ananda Pavilion, Paya Bay Resort.

After I asked for permission and took this photograph, someone asked, "Are you going to post this picture on your blog, Davinci?"
I replied, "Maybe..."
Another person then asked humorously, "Are we 'blog worthy'?"

The wittiness of this question made me LOL and smile. I LOVE a good sense of humor delivered by a sharp tongue! This humor/sharp tongue combo is the domain of Bette Midler, Margaret Cho, and every exceptionally talented drag queen whose stage name you can actually still remember*.

* Stage ladies I still remember fondly from my Atlanta days: Charlie BrownBubbalicious, The Lady Chablis [Savannah], and Mary Edith Pitts... (TMI?)

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