Saturday, August 8, 2009

Honduras has won

The U.S. at first supported Zelaya, a man who had been elected democratically but didn't govern that way. Now they're reaching out to average Hondurans, the real democrats.

Sure, the U.S. continues to condemn Zelaya's ouster and still seeks mediation of the dispute through Costa Rican President Oscar Arias. But no U.S. sanctions means Hondurans have won.

Things could have worked out differently. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez first called for invading Honduras. That threat passed as it became clear Chavez couldn't project his power there.

Next, civil unrest was threatened by Zelaya. But Hondurans astounded the world by standing by their Congress, Supreme Court, attorney general, businesses and the church, all of which declared that Zelaya had violated the constitution and had to go.
The scariest outcome for Honduras was U.S. sanctions. They would have crushed the tiny country dependent on the U.S. for 80% of its trade. No sanctions, no Zelaya.
The U.S. was smart to take the side of freedom. The Hondurans, however, were right all along. After all, it's their democracy. And now they've won it back.

- Investor's Business Daily

My little country has grown up. We can finally shake free from the "banana republic" carapace that has been unfairly imposed on us for way too long. Today the world must view us as a country of courageous democrats who have stood up for liberty, democracy, and free enterprise. We deserve the free world's respect, admiration, support, and, yes, even its gratitude.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post and link to my editorial. Honduras has stood up to communism not only once but twice in the last 25 years. That ought to create an impression to mark the minds of the rest of the world. Not many nations have such a record for courage. -Monica Showalter, IBD editorial writer