Sunday, August 9, 2009

Insulza, non grata

The Government of Honduras has postponed the visit of a mission of OAS foreign ministers expected to assess the country's political situation because it includes the head of that organization, Jose Miguel Insulza.

The "intransigence" of Insulza to be part of the mission and his exclusion from the delegation of countries open to reconsidering the suspension of Honduras from the OAS "has made it impossible to agree to the appointment as scheduled," said a communique released by the Foreign Ministry.

The delegation from the Organization of American States (OAS), formed by six foreign ministers and officials of the agency, was scheduled to arrive in Tegucigalpa on Tuesday, but the Government of Roberto Micheletti said that it would be received on another date as long as it does not include Insulza.

"The mission must not include the Secretary General, in view of his lack of objectivity, impartiality and professionalism in the performance of his duties."

Source: La Tribuna [Google translation]

Bravo! It is blatantly obvious that Insulza is beholden to and takes orders from Hugo Chavez. Why would we want this biased, leftist, Hugo Chavez puppet assessing anything in Honduras? You might as well just have Chavez himself be a member of the delegation.

The strength being displayed by our current authorities is awe-inspiring. Viva Honduras!

AUG. 10 UPDATE: Insulza will be allowed to come, but only as an observer. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a brief statement that stated: "We have reconciled the differences that emerged in the composition of the mission of foreign ministers of member states of the Organization of American States that will visit Honduras. The Secretary General will participate as an observer."

Still, he knows he's not welcome.

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K said...

Nice move. Clearly Insulza's mission would have been a stage with camera time, international press in tow, so they can all make more accusations and lies about the situation inside Honduras.