Wednesday, August 26, 2009

U.S. suspends travel visas for Hondurans

There will be [those] who [will] consider as exaggerated or undeserved the decision by Washington, basically by the State Department, to suspend the travel visas for Honduras, with the exception of immigrant or humanitarian visas. Naturally, those who are in solidarity with the Honduran constitutional government, presided by Roberto Micheletti, who consider deposed President Zelaya to be an ally of Chávez, of Fidel Castro and of all the enemies of the American people, believe that this measure is unfair and incoherent with the true interests of the American nation in the face of its enemies.

- Diario Las Americas

Exaggerated. Undeserved. Unfair. Incoherent. Stupid.

Why is the current U.S. administration punishing and antagonizing Honduras, a historical friend and ally of the United States, and supporting the enemies of the American people? Tell me why. The U.S. has sadly lost 4,253 servicemen and spent $677 billion in Iraq (so far) to remove a dictator and 'restore democracy' in that country. The Honduran military (acting on court orders) preemptively dispatched a would-be dictator (Zelaya) and salvaged our democracy for what I estimate was less than $50,000. Not a single Honduran (or American or Canadian or Mexican or Brazilian, etc.) lost his or her life in the operation. Tell me which approach is smarter.

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