Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"a total rejection"

Zelaya's return generates a total rejection by civilian groups (from businessmen to religious groups) who met with the foreign ministers. In this regard, we did not find anybody to agree, they were all opposed.

- OAS Secretary General Insulza. A shocking acknowledgment by this Hugo Chavez order taker of how Hondurans truly feel about Manuel Zelaya.

You know why this is, Mr. insulza? It's because Manuel Zelaya was trying to force something on the Honduran population that we do not want: A Hugo Chavez-style socialist dictatorship. Zelaya totally and absolutely disrespected and disregarded the will of the Honduran people. He disobeyed the rulings of our courts. He's an alleged traitor to the very Constitution he promised to uphold and defend when he took the oath of office. He was basically selling our country and our future to Hugo Chavez. We have no use for him. None! He should count himself lucky that our military had the self-restraint and professionalism to drop him off in Costa Rica intact.

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