Saturday, August 15, 2009

mel's latest call: "prevent the elections"

Former [Honduran] President Manuel Zelaya called on [his supporters] to "prevent" the general elections scheduled for next November 29.
He had previously been criticized for calling for "insurrection" and inciting violence in the country.
The Supreme Electoral Tribunal had called the General Elections on May 29, long before Zelaya was removed from the presidency for violating the Constitution and laws of Honduras.

Source: El Heraldo [Google translation]

What a DAZZLING DEMOCRAT! Manuel Zelaya continues to show his true colors. What a pathetic little excuse for a man. As is typical of an egomaniac, all he thinks about is himself. As far as he's concerned, Honduras and its 8 million people can be damned. As long as the 'world community' continues to support this creep, however, he'll continue to feel he has the right to make these ridiculous "calls." Shame on any country out there who supports this anti-democracy outcast. Yes, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico... I'm looking at you.

Mel, Mel, Mel. Your final goal was, is, and will always be that there be no elections in November. First, you tried through your "fourth urn" project to install the constituent assembly on June 29. Now, it is that the elections are "illegal." Tomorrow, who knows what you will invent. Let the Honduran people decide and don't stick your hands in. For you, the only legal thing, the best thing, is for you to be president forever. Get out of the clouds!

- Coralia, a Honduran citizen responding to the above story.

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