Sunday, August 23, 2009

Supreme Court issues opinion on San Jose proposal

The implementation of the San Jose proposal can only be done if it conforms to national law, concluded the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ, by its Spanish acronym) in a report requested by the Executive.

With regard to amnesty for Zelaya and his followers, who intended to destroy the Constitution, the CSJ said, "the only way to terminate or suspend these criminal proceedings is in conformity with our legislation on criminal procedure, so that any political arrangement must pass through respect for legality and legal control."

According to the CSJ, prosecutions already begun for crimes against the form of government, treason, abuse of authority, and usurpation of power must continue, otherwise "it would be an authentic contradiction that the search for and construction of a binding agreement - in a state ruled by law - violates or sets aside the Constitution and the laws."

Regarding the return of Zelaya to power, as proposed by the Arias plan, they warn that there are criminal proceedings begun by the Attorney General, "therefore, in strict legality, while there are no other applicable laws, it could not be avoided that (Zelaya and his associates) must undergo the procedures established in our criminal procedural law."

Photo and source: El Heraldo [Google translation]

Cold. Brutal. Clear. The death knell of the Manuel Zelaya administration. There will be no amnesty. Zelaya and his associates must face justice for their alleged crimes.

Manual Zelaya is history.

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