Sunday, October 19, 2008

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The way I see it, is we right now stand on the threshold of a new era---and we can stride into this new era with confidence and maturity, knowing we have put forth the best and the brightest to stand as our representative and our face to the world. In this new age, there is no place for small minded bigotry, devious politics or crippling religions---there can only be an assurance that what we do we do for the betterment of the society, ours and the worlds---or we can slip back into the small minded, hateful, superstitious, warring and dangerous isolationist attitude that we've been living in since the dark ages.

This is our time, these are our wings---and we can't let these people that believe they are on some kind of holy crusade to rape, pillage and plunder the earth, the people and what is left of our dignity.

It's time for the light of dawn after this long dark night...

-chaserblue on

wow. a kindred spirit. very eloquently expressed.

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