Monday, October 13, 2008

say what?!

Today Honduran President Manuel "Mel" Zelaya proposed legalizing the drug trade (en español). Quite a bold and interesting proposal from the president of a country struggling with a severe drug trade-related crime problem (on the mainland, mind you, not here in the islands). Could it be that he realizes that a poor country like Honduras will never be able effectively fight the drug lords and their abundance of narcodollars?
So, instead of chasing and killing drug traffickers we can invest those resources in education and training so that consumption and vice are controlled and lowered in this society.
- Mel Zelaya

Hmmm. This has "can of worms" written all over it, but perhaps Zelaya thinks that legalizing the multi-billion dollar trade could assist a country like Honduras in rising out of poverty. It's not like the "war on drugs" (and the hundreds of billions the US and the EU have spent on it) has worked. Definitely interesting times we live in.

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