Monday, June 29, 2009

former Bush official's viewpoint

Zelaya's self-serving lawlessness was ignored completely by OAS leadership and, as far as one can tell, by every government in the region that now dares to pass judgment on Honduras' constitutional order. The feckless regional diplomats who have failed to confront undemocratic caudillos in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Honduras are complicit in their abuses. Today, they have neither the credibility nor moral authority to pass judgment on those desperate patriots who act to defend their freedom, in Honduras or anywhere else.

- Roger Noriega,

I just commented to a friend that I'm surprised to find myself wishing that there was currently a Republican President in the U.S. White House. Obama's Administration is appearing clueless and weak in regard to this crisis in Honduras. Now I finally understand why Americans re-elected George Bush to a second term. When your freedom and "your way of life" are at stake, you want someone who is going to help you fight to retain them, regardless of how unpalatable this person may otherwise be.

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