Saturday, June 13, 2009

spa payaná

We have begun preliminary work on the area that will eventually become the Payaná Nature Spa. By 'nature spa' we mean a spa that is cleverly and respectfully woven into the beautiful nature that we have here at Paya Bay. We are finding the natural grottoes between the trees and rock formations in the sector we've selected, leveling these areas out, and connecting them with paths and/or stairs. Because of the high elevation of this area, many of these niches will also have incredible ocean views. Later we'll construct a series of "treatment huts" for the various natural treatments we'll be offering. Clients will find themselves immersed in lush and wonderful natural surroundings as they move between the treatment huts.

The general location of the nature spa, directly behind our private beach.

Some of the preliminary work. The goal is to work with nature and not remove a single tree.

Lucy and Macho Muffin visit the site.

I intend to have this project completed by the end of 2010, but we'll begin using the treatment huts as they come online.

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