Tuesday, June 30, 2009

reason begins to sink in

The Union of Democratic Organizations of the Americas (UnoAmerica), a confederation of NGOs, has recognized the interim Honduran government of Roberto Micheletti.
There has not been a coup in Honduras, but rather a constitutional succession, perfectly legitimate, as a result of the attempt of former President Manuel Zelaya to violate the Constitution and remain in power, following the mandate of Hugo Chávez.
... and ...
It is cynical for Chavez to call the Honduran military "troglodyte gorillas," while simultaneously threatening a military invasion of their country. The worst gorilla in all of Latin America is Chavez himself. A man who began his political career with two coups, causing numerous deaths and injuries; is closely linked to the Colombian FARC and their narcoterrorism as well as the government of Ahmadinejad; finances the Cuban dictatorship; tramples Venezuela's Constitution and maintains permanently kidnapped all of its public institutions; commits electoral fraud; ferociously represses peaceful and unarmed Venezuelans; [and] closes the media. This is what you really call "a troglodyte gorilla"!

- UnoAmerica [in Spanish]

Chavez is Zelaya's mentor and sponsor. It's ultimately from his claws hands that The Heroes of June 28 have rescued Honduras.

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