Friday, January 15, 2010

Micheletti to Oscar Arias: chill, bitch.

Tegucigalpa. Interim President Roberto Micheletti, called this day for Costa Rican president, Oscar Arias, to have "more respect" for President-elect, Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

Arias criticized Lobo Sosa for his "weakness" by not getting Micheletti to step down before the change of command on Jan. 27 and said he will not come to Honduras for the inauguration ceremony.

Micheletti criticized the statements by the Costa Rican president, noting that decisions taken in the country are sovereign and nobody can intervene or impose anything, he said.

In this sense, the interim president said "I'm very hurt, that man every time he speaks it is to offend my country, we demand more respect for the elected president, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, who was elected by a majority of the population."

"That man (Oscar Arias), has no right nor moral authority to speak that way against our people, against our country and our sovereign decisions," he said.

The interim president reiterated that he will not leave office until January 27 because this is what is mandated by the Constitution of the Republic.

Translated from Proceso Digital

This arrogant Costa Rican bastard has a chip on his shoulder for President Micheletti because Mr. Micheletti wisely refused to implement the San Jose "accord" that Arias tried to impose as a "solution" to last year's political crisis. The San Jose Accord required the reinstatement of alleged traitor Manuel Zelaya, something considered a deal-breaker by all Honduran institutions. Besides the reinstatement being a flagrant violation of our Constitution, most Hondurans felt certain that if Zelaya had been reinstated he would immediately (with Chavez's backing) dissolve Congress and the Supreme Court, call for a constituent assembly, and impose a new socialist constitution on Honduras. Absolutely no one (besides perhaps the U.S.) would have intervened to stop this travesty. Certainly not this wimpy-assed Costa Rican "intellectual." We Hondurans knew we had to defend our democracy, our freedom, and our way of life ourselves, by whatever means necessary. If Mr. Arias doesn't agree with how we handled things, tough. He should simply keep his mouth shut. His comments are profoundly insulting.

By the way, Mr. Arias, you Costa Ricans need to drop your annoying little "We're the Swiss of Central America" attitude. Honduras towers over you now. We stood by our convictions, stood up to the World, and WON!  

Lo que no le gusta al Sr. Droopy es que de repente ha visto que aquí en Honduras hay un exceso de bolas. Seguramente algo que hace falta en Costa Rihh-ca.

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