Thursday, January 14, 2010

President Micheletti awarded congressional medal

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The National Congress last night closed its fourth and final session awarding the "Grado de Gran Cruz Extraordinaria Placa de Oro" medal to president Roberto Micheletti.

This recognition was based on his valuable service to the country and his nobility demonstrated during the last six months he spent as head of the executive branch after having replaced Manuel Zelaya, who lost power on 28 June as a result of his constant violations of the law and for trying to repeal the Constitution of the Republic.

Micheletti came to Congress under tight security and was accompanied by his cabinet and members of the Joint Chiefs of the Armed Forces.

In his speech, Micheletti appreciated the gesture of the deputies and said he felt at peace for having fulfilled his mission and for having saved the country from the dangerous turn that was being forced on it by Zelaya, who took refuge in the Brazilian embassy, where he called for violence.

He acknowledged that he is delivering to the new government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa a country ravaged and sacked by the Zelaya government.

He regretted that this government was from his own party (the Liberal Party), but warned that lessons learned would avoid that in future a person or a group of people would try to perpetuate themselves in power and make "a farm yard of our country."

He expressed appreciation that thanks to the decisive action of most sectors of the country, Zelaya's attempt to form a dictatorship did not succeed in Honduras.

The ruler gave special thanks to the Armed Forces, the Police, the Civic Democratic Union, noting that a group of "brave women" aroused the patriotism of the politicians.

"We met the mission, we defended the constitution of the republic," he said to loud applause from the congressmen of all parties, except the Unificacion Democratica (left-wing).

"I want to tell the countries of the world we have never had a vocation to be tyrants or dictators, we just wanted our children to inherit peace." Micheletti finished with his usual energetic "Viva Honduras! Viva Honduras! Viva Honduras!"

Translated from El Heraldo

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