Friday, September 30, 2011

ever upward, ever outward

Reaching toward the sky. This is one of my favorite photos by Williams Perera of World Photography Studio. The way he captured our reflections in the water is awesome. Pointing up and pointing down. Duality is a very pervasive theme in our Universe. Light requires darkness; matter requires antimatter, female requires male; straight requires gay; Democrats require Republicans, etc.

The shadow play on my shoulders creates an illusion that I have long ears like a Pandoran Na'vi (see below).  I had the good fortune of seeing the 3D version of Avatar when it was released in 2009. The movie spoke to me in many ways. There are certainly times I feel like a Na'vi warrior protecting my Pandora (Paya Bay) from the onslaught of dark forces, blind ignorance, insatiable human greed, and disrespectful development.

I'm happy and grateful The Force is with me.

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