Thursday, July 23, 2009

"culpable negligence"

Last night Honduran Foreign Minister Carlos Lopez Contreras accused OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza of "culpable negligence" for his failure to properly analyze the crisis facing Honduras in the wake of the impeachment of former President Manuel Zelaya on June 28. "Insulza presented a biased report on the situation (to the OAS)," he added.

The secretary of the OAS traveled to Tegucigalpa on July 3 to discuss the removal of Zelaya and meet with political, religious, trade union, and industry leaders.

Based on Insulza's report, the OAS General Assembly Zelaya ordered Zelaya's restitution. The government of President Roberto Micheletti has refused to do this because it maintains that procedures established in the Constitution of the Republic have been followed.

Lopez Contreras argued that "there is a manipulation of the OAS to condemn Honduras which we denounce because it is not possible that all the foreign ministers of the Americas would make such a sudden mistake based on a report by the Secretary General who has an unidentified interest in this issue."

Source: El Heraldo

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