Friday, July 10, 2009

Reich: new government is legal and constitutional

Had I really been the ''architect'' of Zelaya's removal, I would had advised that he be charged with the almost 20 crimes with which the Honduran Judiciary has now charged him, and be arrested by civilian authorities. I would have urged that the constitutional process be followed: the elevation to the presidency of the next-in-line, President of the Congress Roberto Micheletti, and the continuation of the electoral process, culminating in a November election. Finally, the Congress would have voted overwhelmingly, as it did by a 125-3 vote, to ratify the removal of Zelaya. Without my involvement, these steps were taken. Therefore, under Honduran law, the new government is legal and constitutional.

- Otto Reich, former Bush Administration official

Mr. Reich raises a good point here. The Honduran Congress DID vote overwhelmingly to remove Zelaya (125-3 as he states). Virtually all deputies from Zelaya's own Liberal Party voted to replace him. That kind of consensus is unheard of in the current Honduran Congress and it shows how opposed ALL Hondurans were to Zelaya's stubborn and misguided attempt to hand Honduras to Hugo Chavez on a silver platter.

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