Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fall of Chavez Has Begun

By Michael Garret (English journalist)

Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president, has deployed a brutal persecution against Honduras, a small Central American nation, with great social inequality and government corruption. It all started when Manuel Zelaya, one of his pupils and whose election campaign he financed, was ousted from power.

Chávez has reacted with all his strength and international influence. He devoted all public and formal events to verbally attack and threaten Honduras. It appears that he is in a fight against time. So the countries of the world and analysts have begun to ask: Why is Hugo Chávez in such a hurry?
  • He had the OAS condemn [and suspend] Honduras, pressing his friend Jose Miguel Insulza [the Secretary General of the OAS]
  • He constantly called the presidents of countries in the region to take action against Honduras and made sure the topic was not dropped in the media. This has resulted in interventions by Cristina Kirshner (Argentina), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Evo Morales (Bolivia), among others.
  • He pays millions to protesters, union leaders, and military elements to riot in Honduras.
  • He introduced 5,000 guerrillas in Honduras (with false passports delivered by President Zelaya). The troublemakers were from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.
  • He financed and directed the operation to try to reinstate Zelaya in a Venezuelan plane, a military operation called "Swarm of Bees."
  • He recently coined the phrase "bloodbath" and urged other presidents to mention that phrase to terrorize the people of Honduras. Michelle Bachelet of Chile, Fernando Lugo of Paraguay and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua have begun using this phrase.
  • He financed travel, lodging, and a private jet for the overthrown Zelaya.
  • He has pressed the President of the United States to take more drastic action against Honduras.
What is Chavez looking for? You have to be stupid not to realize that this brutal persecution is due to something very big and transcendental for the plans of Chavez.

Some have speculated that it is love for and the prestige of ALBA (the socialist movement that he is pushing), others say there is oil in northern Honduras and he wants to have the right to exploit it.

No sir, this is THE TRUTH about what Hugo Chávez is looking for in Honduras:

Chávez has become the biggest drug trafficker in the Americas according to the Congress of the United States. How has he done that? The real business in drug trafficking is not selling drugs, but rather having "drug routes." The person who has a route has a truly multi-million dollar drug-trafficking business.

Well, Hugo Chávez developed in Honduras the PERFECT DRUG ROUTE to distribute the drugs coming from Bolivia and Colombia (FARC) to the Mexican Cartels, and finally to its destination in the United States.

This is the reason he is in such a HURRY! Honduras was the MAIN DRUG BRIDGE. Fourteen planes with Venezuelan flags landed in Honduras (with drugs and money) in recent months. [And these are only the ones that were detected.]

What Hugo Chávez lost in Honduras was "the most important DRUG ROUTE in the Americas" with earnings of more than $100 million monthly.

This flow of drugs is the financial arm of ALBA. So, at this time, Chavez has no source of income to finance ALBA. It's that simple, and thus his BRUTAL ATTACK on Honduras.

May the world know.

Wow. What Garret is suggesting all adds up and makes sense.

A question for American citizens: Are you okay with your government siding with actors against which the above could even be alleged?

Take action! We need to let world opinion know what really is happening in Honduras. Please send a link to this blog post to your friends and family. The URL is


K said...

Hi Davinci,
I think you've hit it on the head here- This is why the rush- to recover the drug routes that were cut. I've read these things in pieces before. I think I saw a Honduras government claim about this a couple of weeks ago. I've been working to get some of these points into the US public view. Any references you know of to link would help that effort.

The Honduras - Zelaya - Chavez - FARC - ALBA drug connection could be the key story of interest for the US to bust this into a mainstream story.
Unfortunately, the story of Honduras will remain on the margins of US news unless Americans get the larger picture. This is why the Coup lie was so convenient- the real context of the story is negated.
We need the Honduras situation mainstream so that Americans would get enough exposure to the facts that it isn't possible for the media here to persist with the military coup lie.

When the Zelaya drugs subject was first published in AP wire, the question was put to the DEA if it was possible that Zelaya and Chavez were cooperating on drug routes. The published response from the DEA was 'neither confirm nor deny it'. What sort of ridiculous response is that to a simple question? A 'No' would have been easy. 'Yes' is too sensitive to confirm for it causes public embarassment to the current administration for backing Mel.

I would bet the DEA knows for certain and has their own 100% proof if it has been happening. A DEA public acknowedgement would be harder to discredit in the US.

Congressional oversight is one way I can think of to require the DEA to answer this simple question.
I'll have to identify who in Congress is the right person who might be willing to push this issue, and I will also try reporters again.

karateka said...

I hope this is the beginning of the end for Chavez, but it is much easier to get a corrupt leader than to throw him out. I think that at least this marks the end of his expansion throughout South and Central America. There is an anti-Chavez backlash in the wings.