Saturday, July 25, 2009

it's starting to sink in

I find it funny that people take him seriously with this "innocent poll" idea, since when can you conduct a valid poll by a distributing ballots (by the military) like it was an election and then saying it is non-binding. You want a poll, you get a polling agency to do it, what they were doing is a vote!

Polls are done door to door by private companies or through the phone. What he wanted to do was a referendum because you had to go to a polling station, present your ID, fill out a form in secret, and have your finger painted with ink so that you wouldn't be able to vote again. Does that sound like a poll? No, that's the exact same thing people do during elections.

But to make matters worse... he had his own people running the referendum... they would do the counting and present the results directly to him. Do you really doubt the outcome of the referendum?

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