Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alvarado: we will respect the embassy

The government of Honduras said today that its security forces will not enter the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa to arrest deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

"You can't [break in], there are conventions and we will respect the embassy," said the Honduran Deputy Foreign Minister, Martha Alvarado.

Moreover, "this would bring even bigger problems," the official said after the police evicted with tear gas and rubber bullets Zelaya's supporters who had been in front of the embassy. Police acted against the pro-Zelaya demonstrators for failing to obey the curfew and after a police vehicle has vandalized and burned.

A strong police contingent has the Brazilian embassy surrounded. Holed up inside for a second day are Zelaya and some family members after the unexpected return home of the deposed president.

Alvarado said she hopes that the Brazilian authorities decide soon "if they are going to grant Zelaya asylum or hand him over to Honduran justice" where he faces charges of political and common crimes, for which several arrest warrants have been issued.

The Deputy Minister said "the situation with Brazil is compromising in the sense that they are treating Mr. Zelaya as a guest and he, from their embassy, is calling for insurrection and to defy the curfew order" issued yesterday by the Government of Roberto Micheletti.

"This is compromising for a country, this is an interference" of Brazil in Honduras, said Alvarado.

Source: laprensa.com.ni.

Update: Honduran authorities have cut water, telephone, and electricity lines to the Brazilian Embassy.

Source: La Tribuna.

Respectful yet tough. Since the Brazilian diplomats allowed Zelaya to use their embassy as a platform to call for insurrection and disobedience of the police they deserve to get their services cut.

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