Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm pro the U.S. 4th Fleet!

Wow. An extraordinary level of repulsion.

Hondurans marched in Tegucigalpa today to protest Hugo Chavez's general repulsiveness as well as his vile interference in the affairs of other Latin American countries. Anti-Chavez marches were held in several different countries around the world this September 4th.

Photos and source: El Heraldo

I personally do not believe in being "anti" anything. I believe the stronger you feel about something, whether you are for it or against it, the faster you will attract it to yourself (the Law of Attraction). It's much better to be "pro" (whatever) counters, opposes, cancels out, and/or otherwise neutralizes that which you don't want in your life.

The one thing that is out there that I'm sure makes Hugo Chavez lose sleep at night is the Fourth Fleet of the United States Navy. He knows those American battleships and submarines are right off the coast of Venezuela and within striking distance of Caracas. This is one of the few things that makes Chavez think twice (or three or four times) as he goes about his business of being a nasty little tyrant and a regional bully. Why do you think he's so bitterly anti-American?

So, I'm very much pro the U.S. 4th Fleet. It wasn't reactivated in 2008 (after 58 years) just for giggles. Chavez knows that if he gives the Americans an even slightly compelling reason, they will promptly install a bright, shiny new cruise missile in his bedroom. Today's marches would have been a hell of a lot more effective (as far as rattling Chavez and sending him a strong message) if everyone dressed in costumes as U.S. Navy servicemen and servicewomen, carried pictures of American battleships, held cruise missile-shaped piñatas in their arms, and waved banners saying "We Support the 4th Fleet." I'm not pro-violence, I'm just suggesting an effective message. It's language Chavez would understand.

Chavez is a sociopath. I'm sure tonight he will be boasting to his drinking buddies about all the marches against him today. "I'm so evil, Mahmoud! Look how evil I am! Hey guys, look at me, I'm Doctor Evil! 'We get the warhead and we hold the world ransom for... ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS!'"

Seriously, tho, we have to fight fire with fire. Don't be Anti-Chavez... If you are truly serious about ridding the world of this pestilence, be pro the U.S. Fourth Fleet!

By the way, my fellow Hondurans, this means we have to be pro the United States, consistently. We can't have it both ways. We can't be hypocrites like the leftists. Even though we may not always agree 100% with the policies of their government, we can't condemn the American people as a whole and call them insulting names out of one side of our mouths and then beg for their help out of the other side. Trust me, I know Americans, they might not seem all that smart at times (Dubya, Iraq), but they are rocket scientists! They eventually figure things out, and if there is one thing they don't like, it's la hipocresía.

Manuel Zelaya, Hugo Chavez, and their leftist buddies have already shown us how pathetic and disgusting hypocrisy is.

Right, Mr. Obama? (By the way, sir, I was all Fired up! Ready to go! but these days I'm having mixed feelings about you. What's up with Hillary dissing your Honduran buddies? Not cool, man.)

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Pete said...

Chavez isn't worried about the 4th Fleet - he says he's going to sink it:

Oh yeah!