Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brazilian opposition questions Zelaya's use of their embassy

The Partido Popular Socialista (PPS) has asked for clarification of how Zelaya came to the embassy and his permanence there because "since it is not a case of asylum, it seems the Brazilian diplomacy has a stake in a covert action that is a clear interference in internal affairs of another country. "

According to Congressman Raul Jungmann, of the PPS, "the Brazilian embassy has become electoral platform" and Foreign Minister Celso Amorim "must be held accountable for that. "

Senator Arthur Virgilio, of the opposition Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), said that "if the government was involved in all this, it is an unforgivable diplomatic blunder."

Virgilio admitted that "it is correct to provide refuge, but noted that "it is also correct to prevent political activity" from the embassy.

In any case, he claimed that "Brazil lost the ability to be a mediator in this crisis, as it is directly involved in the campaign to restore the rule of President Zelaya."

Source: Proceso Digital

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