Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a "symbolic" reinstatement for a day or an hour?

The fact that barely six months remained in Mr. Zelaya’s term when he was forcibly removed, as well as the fact that he is limited by the Constitution to a single term, may prove to be an opportunity. Some of the officials scrambling to cobble together a deal have proposed that Mr. Zelaya become president again for a day or even an hour, a symbolic restoration before resigning and ceding power to a caretaker government that would conduct the elections and prepare for a new, untainted leader.

- New York Times

I see at least three problems with this proposal:

1) A man who feels he's above the law and who refused to obey our courts can't be trusted to abide by any "political" agreement.

2) If Zelaya was a man of his word, this might be tenable. Problem is he changes his mind three or four times a day. Combine this shiftiness with his pathological lying and you have a man that can't be trusted further than you can kick him.

3) Zelaya always has a cellphone held to his head. Who do you think is on the other end of the line? Zelaya doesn't think for himself. He's not very smart. The Castro brothers, Daniel Ortega, and - especially - Hugo Chavez do the thinking for him. Need I say more?

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Patty said...

And someone honestly thinks he would resign, except at gunpoint? The the whole mess would start all over again.