Friday, September 25, 2009

WashPost: go forward with elections

The only good way out of the Honduran crisis is to go forward with the presidential election scheduled for Nov. 29 and to do so in a way that will allow Hondurans to freely express themselves and governments around the region to accept the results. At the moment, no government is willing to sanction a vote overseen by Mr. Micheletti's administration, and the United Nations has withdrawn its support for the process. If his aim is really to save democracy in his country Mr. Micheletti must act quickly to legitimize the election. The simplest way to do that is to accept the plan put forward months ago by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias -- though any formula that leads to an internationally recognized vote will do.

- Washington Post

The biggest problem with the "Arias plan," of course, is that it requires the reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya. He was legally deposed in accordance with Honduran law for allegedly committing various political and common crimes. Arias wants immunity for these.

Hopefully there is another "formula" that can be found which allows Hondurans to keep both our democracy and our dignity. Who wants an alleged criminal as their president? Who wants a president who stands accused by our Supreme Court of being a traitor to our country? Who wants a president who spent the last three months doing everything he could think of to hurt, damage, and destroy the country? Who wants a president who every day is appearing more and more mentally unstable? Who wants a president who has proven that he's merely a proxy for Hugo Chavez?  

90% of Hondurans DO NOT. That shouldn't surprise anyone.

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