Tuesday, September 8, 2009

our highway is getting paved!

It used to be that the last 7 KM of highway to Paya Bay were unpaved. Now that's down to only 6.3 KM, and pretty soon the entire road will be paved. Roatan is experiencing an unprecedented level of growth (driven by our international airport and two cruise ship docks) and much needed infrastructure is finally being put in place.


Juan said...

Nice blog the one you have! I found it looking info about Roatan and I have a question: with all the political changes lately, is it still pleasant and most of all still safe to go to Roatan?

Davinci McNab said...

Hello Juan. Yes, Roatan is very safe to travel to. None of the political issues in Tegucigalpa are affecting the Bay Islands. Tourists are coming and leaving with no problems.