Thursday, May 24, 2012

honoring unconditional love

Today, Paya Bay's Grounds Team completed the base work of a very special vista spot. (Gracias equipo!) This spot was chosen several months back to recognize and honor the life, light, energy, and love of an incredible woman. As promised, this one is for you, Mamita! Thank you for your beautiful spirit, Ms. Linda Compton. I will love you eternally.

Two glasses of wine, because... Linda! She'd not be happy otherwise.

The beautiful view from Vista Linda.

Some memorials have 'eternal flames.' I think my Atlanta/Miami friends would agree with me that in Linda's case, an 'eternal glass of wine' would be the most appropriate gesture. Mamita, I'm sure you would agree! (Only the best vintages available, of course, because -- sweetheart -- we're FABULOUS!)

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous spot!!! can't wait to visit Paya Bay! :)