Friday, May 11, 2012

wow! what a view!

This week the Grounds Team completed the floor of the hamaca station being built at one of the most magnificent spots on Paya Bay's property. Overlooking idyllic Bliss Beach, the view to the East is spellbinding! This photo barely begins to capture the dramatic beauty one beholds from this exceptional point of land. Definitely one of the top three best vistas to be enjoyed on Roatan. Once we add the rustic shade solution, it will also be a perfect location for small, intimate weddings and other love-inspired ceremonies.

I discovered this amazing spot as a teenager while exploring my parent's property. I recall back then thinking that one day I'd like to do something really special at this site. Something simple, rustic, and low-impact like a hamaca station. It's truly amazing how 'thoughts become things.'

Wow. I'm so very happy and grateful for my astonishing good fortune.

And... It only gets better!

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