Friday, May 4, 2012

video: lucky dog

Our family dog, Lucky, takes a confident, strutting, territory-marking, alpha-dog stroll down Bliss Beach with a 'Yo, I own this place' attitude (because... well... he does!). It's definitely your territory, Puhrrunkos*!

I'm convinced our dogs here at Paya exist in "Dog Heaven." We genuinely love our pets and care for them extremely well (the word pampered comes to mind). Paya Bay's twenty-two acres of stunning, topographically-diverse, oceanfront property is their unrestricted playground (imagine what that must be like for a dog!). They get tons of kindness and attention from both my family and our guests. The dogs seem to truly believe it is their "job" to 'watch over and protect' anyone they perceive to be a patron of our family-run boutique resort. Healthy, beautiful, sweet, loving, happy, and socially well-adjusted, they do a terrific job as Paya's "canine hosts." Without a doubt, these special animals play an important role in the increasingly talked about Magic of Paya Bay phenomenon.

*The Greek-sounding word Puhrrunkos is my nickname for Lucky. A special, endearing name only he and I have shared from as far back as his puppyhood. Cute photos of Lucky as a pup from September, 2007 follow...


These photos were taken - literally - minutes after Lucky came into our lives. For Lucky and me, it was love at first (puppy) bite. It took -- at most -- thirty minutes for Lucky's dog soul and my human soul to coalesce. Thank you, Sem, for this wonderful, priceless gift that has brought so much happiness and good energy into our lives.

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