Saturday, July 4, 2009

the colors matter

Apparently the biggest rally the "Pro-Zelayans" have been able to muster has been about 20,000 people (and only in the largest cities). The majority of people who attend them are government employees perhaps afraid they will lose their jobs in the new administration. (STENEE for example is the Trade Union of the National Electric Energy Company, a government utility. For the record, Mr. Micheletti was said he will not arbitrarily fire government bureaucrats).

On the other hand, the Pro-Micheletti "peace and democracy" rallies are usually spontaneous events (organized via phone calls, emails and cellphone text messages; "friends telling friends" in other words). These rallies have been as large as 70,000 people! Pro-Micheletti events have also been more numerous (with people even in smaller cities and towns rallying in support. See for example the pro-Micheletti rally in Roatan yesterday.

In my opinion, those numbers show the approximate ratio of Anti-Manuel Zelaya to Pro-Manuel Zelaya Hondurans: 7 to 2.

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