Tuesday, July 7, 2009

isolate Honduras or stop Chavez?

It was irresponsible for the international community to not take action before a coup -- that was clearly coming -- occurred .
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Reactions to withdraw ambassadors, close borders and the like, by tackling the consequences are worsening the cause.
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It is necessary to persuade, not impose, and most importantly we must see the whole problem and not just this coup. Perhaps in Honduras the situation can be resolved by negotiation, but it's just a matter of time before Chavez causes another conflict elsewhere and perhaps another government decides to stop him by breaking rules as they have done in Colombia and, now, Honduras. The international community cannot ask Honduras to return Zelaya, without doing anything about the electoral fraud Ortega did in Nicaragua and not doing anything about the interventionism of Chavez.

- Joaquín Villalobos, INFOLATAM

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grindio2 said...

Honduras, a country of few resources is struggling with organized crime, drug trafficking, and the swine flu. These are issues that cross borders and of importance on an international stage.
Who benefits from isolating the Honduran people? economic sanctions? blockades? cutting off financial aid? I say no one does. These actions only punish the Honduran people.