Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tegucigalpa: 70,000 in support of Micheletti

[Photo courtesy of El Heraldo]

The park in front of the Presidential Palace in Tegucigalpa, renamed Democracy Park, and the surrounding streets and areas were the stage today for a peaceful rally of historic size (70,000 people) in support of the interim government of Roberto Micheletti. Mr. Micheletti addressed the crowd:

I am excited and grateful to the Honduran people regardless of political color or religion. We are all united to show the world that we want to live in peace and democracy

Mr. Micheletti reiterated his pledge to hold the scheduled November General Elections and that come January 27, 2010 the newly elected goverment would take over.

[Photo courtesy of La Prensa]

Micheletti, el pueble está contigo!

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