Monday, July 6, 2009

Chavez admits to interfering in our internal affairs

El Heraldo has a video clip posted in which Chavez is speaking on the TeleSur TV channel. In the clip he casually comments that he was calling riot leaders and supporting the violent rally in Tegucigalpa yesterday. There are also many, many reports that people are being paid to rally and riot. Reports also indicate that instigators wanting Zelaya's reinstatement are paying taxis 3,000 lempiras a day (about $150) to transport rioters to strategic locations in the city. Perhaps that is why 40,000,000 lempiras (US$ 2.1 million) were subtracted from the Central Bank right before the Interim Government officials were able to take control of the situation. If that runs out, the Chavez petrodollar ATM machine apparently is ready to spit out more.

This illegal interference in the internal affairs of another state is not surprising from Hugo Chavez. He has a chip on his shoulder for the Interim Government for putting a stop to his plans to install a puppet dictator in Honduras. He also has gobs of petrodollars to cause trouble with.

Have we heard any outcry from the OAS about this interference by Chavez in Honduras?


Have he heard a statement from the United States censuring Chavez for this?


What the hell is going on?!

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