Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the heroes of june 28

General Vásquez refused to allow the Honduran Armed Forces to participate in former President Manuel Zelaya's nefarious referendum on constitutional change because the poll had been declared illegal by the Supreme Court. Zelaya fired the General on June 25, but the Supreme Court reinstated him the following day, ruling that Vásquez could not be fired for refusing to obey an illegal order. It can be presumed that after receiving the order from the Supreme Court to arrest Zelaya, General Vásquez authorized the operation to apprehend the rogue President and remove him from the country. This man is a heroe for defying Zelaya in his misguided attempt to sack our Constitution and remain in power. General Vasquez, I salute you! As a Honduran now realizing how close we came to slipping into a Chavez-style dictatorship, I don't think it's possible to express the amount of gratitude I feel in my heart that a man of your courage and moral fortitude was there to defend us in that dark moment of our country's history.

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